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When to start investing?
Written by Kenny Foo   
Wednesday, 11 February 2009 21:40

Every investors that would like to start invest their hard-earned money will have this question in their mind - When to start investing? But what is the answer or factors to determine this? The economic of global market ? The capital that the investor had ready for investing? or the investment skill of the investor ?The answer will be revealed here.

The economic of global market?

When economic crisis happens, it is common that you hear investor say ' I should pull out my money from my investments earlier' while when economic is booming, the investors will say 'I should invest my money earlier'.From this two cases, it is obvious that no one can predict or hardly predict economic of global market. In this case, do you think economic of global market is the factor to determine the timing to start investing? Definitely it is not. When the economic is doing good, you need to invest and when the economic is not doing good , you also need to invest as you will never able to predict the next trend of the economic.

The capital for investing?

There is a myth that is saying Investing is an acitivity for rich people. This myth is totally wrong for current stock market as the minimum amount to start investing had become lower and lower.The capital for investing had become affordable for public now. Some of the investors might think that they want to accumulate to certain amount of capital and then only start investing. But, it is not good idea as if the investor do not know how to invest small amount of capital effectively, how the investor invest large amount of capital. The more money you have or investing, the higher investment skills are needed to make the right investment and prevent loss on your investment.

The investor's investment skill?

Some investors that try to be careful in their investing activity will think that they want to have adequate investment knowledge before they make the first step to start investing.But for investing, the investor can't fight only on paper.The investor need to have practical training to exercise what he had learnt.The best practical training is to start investing directly to the investment product or investment vehicles.


To conclude, the economic of global market, the capital for investing, and the investor's investment knowledge is not the factors to determine the timing to start investing.The best timing to start investing is to start investing as earlier as possible during the investor's young time.The investor needs time to accumulate his capital and need time to grow his investment skill. The earlier the investors start investing, the faster the investors can accumulate his capital and grow his investment skill. For the economic of global market, the investor definitely will go thru the up and down of the economic along the way.Hence, start investing now, invest yourself, master yourself.


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